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5 Ways to Relieve Stress During Busy Work Times

Stress is one of the primary sources of major health problems in our lives: it can cause heart disease, anxiety, sleep deprivation, autoimmune disorders, weight problems, unhappiness, and even deep depression. And unless we’re proactively combating stress, we may fall prey to it.  

As a consultant, my life moves at warp speed with travel, problem-solving, decision-making, and exceeding client needs. And in the process, it’s sometimes hard to take a breath. So while we may not have time for for an hour long yoga sessions or a weekend meditation retreat, we do have time for a few basics.

By following these five stress-relievers, you’ll be sure to feel a lot less pressure during busy work times.

Taking things one day at a time

If you have a bad habit of overextending yourself when deadlines need to be met, then you may want to slow things down and take some time out for yourself. You’ll feel better and less stressed if you do one thing at a time.

No matter if it is at work, or in your private life, stepping away from the stresses of life and getting back to the basics will surely make the days at work less stressful. For those who cannot get away from work during the busy moments, try doing some “mini-me” activities at your desk or during your lunch break.

If you work in a close walking distance to a local cafe, try taking some time out to walk around the block and get something to drink outside of the office then in the break room. Stepping away and rejuvenating yourself goes a long way when things get hectic.

Creating a morning routine

Following a morning routine can help you get your day off to a productive start, thus resulting in a boost of energy and positivity. By creating a morning routine focused around a daily schedule like working out or meditating, you’ll automatically begin your workday on a positive note.  

Take a deep breath

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or are coming out of a tense meeting and need to clear your head, a few minutes of deep breathing will restore balance to your body. Simply inhale for five seconds, hold and exhale in equal counts through the nose. It’s like getting the calm and focus of a 30-minute yoga class in three minutes or less at your desk.

Communicate with your boss

Even if you choose to embrace the extra work and additional responsibilities as a challenge and way to grow your skill set, it’s important to communicate with your boss about expectations such as deadlines and the duration of the project so that you will not have any added pressures.

Exercise (a little more)

If you’re not one to hit the gym, then this step may not be appealing to you. However, exercising has major health benefits which results in a boost of energy, higher self-esteem, and overall productivity.

Regular trips to the gym are great, but don’t worry if you can’t find a large chunk of time to exercise every day. To reap the benefits of exercise, just get more activity in throughout your day such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator or revving up those household chores. Consistency is key.


Which stress relief technique do you use? Comment below to share your stress-free routines with others!


Dan Centinello’s Political Quick Guide: Three Eco-Friendly Conservatives

In the last 20 years, more people have heightened their environmental awareness. According to a 2014 Huffington Post article, Americans increasingly understand the planet’s limited resources and ecosystems. Here are two Conservative thinkers who are at the forefront of the growing movement around environmental issues. These individuals are stepping up to promote eco-friendly solutions and working to change the way we see our role in the world.

Bob Inglis

Bob Inglis, a former congressman from South Carolina, is the executive director of RepublicEn, the conservative organization dedicated to fighting climate change.  Inglis has been called “America’s best hope for near-term climate action” and his leadership has been paving the way for a bold response to the matter.

Last May, Inglis told Salon:

“Too often the environmental left presents only the danger and not the opportunity of climate change. Of course, it’s a danger—the science is very clear. But it’s also an incredible free-enterprise opportunity, because why do we have to be dependent on these stinky fuels? Why can’t we have cleaner air? Why can’t we have distributed energy systems that light up the world with more energy, more mobility, and more freedom? Why can’t we?”

With Inglis’s pragmatic approach, the climate discussion encourages relevant action, as opposed to implied judgment for consumers’ so-called lack of initiative.

Lindsey Graham

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) valiantly defended his position on the environment during his short 2015 campaign for the Republican nomination for president. Although Graham didn’t win the nomination, he successfully became a voice for the growing conservative awareness about the impact of climate change. Scientific American reports that “the number of conservative voters who believe in climate change has almost doubled in the past two years.”

In an interview with Fox News Sunday, Senator Graham (R-SC) called “climate change ‘real’ but rejected cap and trade as the policy mechanism to address the issue. ‘I would like to clean up the air and water, become more energy independent, create jobs,’ Graham said. ‘I’d like a lower carbon economy over time.’”

Of course, Senator Graham and Bob Inglis are just two of the bright minds of the Party who are lending their insight and expertise to the cause of environmentalism. Despite what some of us might read in the news or see in headlines, many conservatives are taking vital roles on this critical subject.

Dan Centinello‘s experience includes two presidential campaigns, two gubernatorial campaigns, a senatorial campaign, and numerous roles with national and state political parties. With such an extensive resume, Dan Centinello stands out as an accomplished political industry veteran with more than ten years of experience across dozens of states and multiple countries.  Follow Dan on Twitter and Instagram.